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Originally delivered on 3/12/2019 10:47 pm

We are looking for new board members for 2019-20!


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The Gleason PTO is looking for parents to fill significant roles within our great organization! 

If you missed our last meeting, we discussed the open positions on Gleason's 2019-2020 PTO Board. Some of these positions, if left unfilled, will have a significant impact to the PTO's budget and will affect your student.  

Please thoughtfully consider making an impact on your child’s school by filling one of these positions for the 2019-2020 school year. You can even “co-chair” a role with another parent if you’d prefer!

  • Historian - Yearbook! The school historian leads a committee of parent volunteers who share the responsibility of taking pictures at various school and PTO events. The historian puts together the final yearbook and is responsible for keeping track of sales and distributing the books to students. Yearbook sales generally make up $2,000 of the PTO’s annual revenue.
  •  Bilingual Liaison - This position was created to help encourage bilingual parent involvement with volunteer opportunities at the school and within the PTO.
  •  Teacher Appreciation - This role can easily be shared with a friend and is flexible enough to work with your schedule! It involves planning lunches, breakfasts, or snacks for the teachers and staff. The frequency and type of events is determined by you and the budget allocated to teacher appreciation.

Spring Fundraiser - The PTO’s largest fundraiser is the Spring Carnival & Silent Auction. Many people are needed to make this event happen, but the following key roles must be filled in order to have this event.  The Carnival makes up $20,000 of the PTO’s annual revenue. Without it, the budget would face a drastic reduction, and we would do much less to help out our students and dedicated teachers and staff.

  • Carnival Chair - This person markets the carnival, works with the school district to reserve all the personnel and equipment needed, and selects the inflatables & and the DJ. They oversee the event from start to finish on carnival day.
  • Games Chair - This person plans and organizes the games for carnival day.

If no one is willing to fill the position of Historian as well as all the open positions associated with the Spring Carnival by the PTO meeting on April 9th, we will have to eliminate Yearbook and Spring Carnival from next year's PTO.

The elimination of both of those roles will mean a $22,000 reduction in revenue and therefore force the PTO to reduce it's expenses by $22,000.

How will that impact your student? The PTO will no longer be able to pay for field trips, 5th grade day, After School Clubs, and cultural arts such as the live theatre productions that perform for Gleason students every spring.

The PTO will also drastically reduce the funding for teacher appreciation events, capital improvements (no more new playground equipment), library books, instructional support, and large group supplies for PE, Music & Art.

If you need more information on any of the roles above, please contact us at, and we will gladly answer any questions or concerns you may have.

You can also attend our next meeting on Tuesday, March 19th at 7pm to get more info.